"I honour those who have Walked this Land before us, especially the Elders past and Present who hold the SongLines of this Land in which we live. May their Wisdom and Knowledge be honoured always, as a Sacred Legacy for tomorrow." Luna Wood



With 35 years international experience and qualifications in Empowered Evolutionary Embodiment, Luna embodies her Wisdom Way through Sacred Woman's Business, Transformational Bodywork, Shamanic Practice, Art, Beauty and Aromatherapy.  

Living sustainably within Sacred Ground in NSW; Luna and her partner, Steve, are focussed on Regenerative Connection. Luna’s connection with the Indigenous Elders over the past 25years has invited a deeper connection to walking consciously, which is translated and experienced through Luna’s Sacred Practice of LuminoGaia, The Yoni Matrix and Sacred Art of Beauty.  Honouring the Ancestors and Regeneration of the Land and our Heart are the foundation for Healing and Wellbeing. All Transformation connects back to our Living Place and sense of Belonging on Earth.

Luna founded the Light Centre for Transformation, an urban Healing Centre for Transformative Therapy and Wisdom Pathways which supported Healing and Transformation over a 7 year cycle before moving to Uki, and Connecting into Country more fully. 

Luna studied and worked in South Africa, London, Europe & Australia as a Massage Therapist, while embarking on a Fine Arts Degree at the Chelsea College of Art (London) which was completed at RMIT, Melbourne. Highly qualified with CIDESCO, BIBTAC, SAIBTH, London institute of Aromatherapy Diploma and BA (hons), Luna embarked on an exploration into The Sacred Art of Beauty. Her Practice awakened an exploration into self that lead into a 7 year Shamanic Initiation, with the focus on Australian Zen Tantra, which she documented through a multi-media Practice being exhibited internationally, as well as inspiring her Professional Practice into LuminoGaia Consciousness through the Sacred Art of Beauty.

Luna managed a Meditation Centre in Victoria for 3 years which focused on the teachings of Osho, Zen, Tantra, Spiritual Midwifery and Sacred Women’s Business. There she became a mother. She explored and facilitated groups in Sacred Transformational Practices and Meditation, both active and passive, while deepening her own discipline in these areas. Sacred Women’s Business became her focus. Walking with First Nation Elders and Wisdom Keepers from around the world, connects her into the Sacred Practices of Earth Wisdom. Ceremonies and Cultural Practices initiate a deep connection to Gaia Consciousness which connects the heart of her Practice. Sacred Living within a Connected World is the Platform for Luna’s creativity to be experienced in a very practical, lush, personal, and feminine way. She has developed a very unique way of guiding you into a potent, blissful and transformative Journey into Self. Luna incorporates Ancient Cultural Practices from around the world which are translated into a contemporary experience within a dynamic Sacred Space held in the depths of Gaia.

In 2007 Luna was published in "Your Destined Spiritual Healer" (bloom books) as one of the top 15 healers on the planet, by Japanese Health & Spa Specialist and writer, Yuki Osaki.

Luna has created a certified Organic, Seasonal and Elemental range of SACRED skincare, body care and home care products that are prepared Ritually and freshly with love, from whole-food, organic earth produce and are a take home support for the lushness of the Sacred Art of Beauty. These are the purest handmade SACRED products available. Luna Creates each order specifically for your Alignment and BlessingWay.

Through Luna’s training and experience, she has developed a deeply transformative Shamanic Journey into LuminoGaia Consciousness. Through a Creative, Spiritual and practical Seasonal Practice; exploring Ancient Wisdoms, the Sacred Feminine and connection of Self into Nature; LuminoGaia Consciousness finds an authentic new way for heart connection and personal development through Spiritual Journeying, Creative Art, Elemental Connection, Transformative Bodywork and Seasonal Quests.

Luna anoints and enlightens. By exploring and sharing a new Language of the body, Remembering Respect and Connection, merging Ancient Practice within a contemporary arena, and by holding Open a Space to the Sacred Beauty of life, Luna allows you to Remember who you are. Be touched by Beauty and the magnificence of Heart in Nature. Luna honours the Ancestors, the Elementals and the Ancient Ones who walked this Land before us. 

LuminoGaia awakens an Empowered Evolutionary Embodiment as a highly disciplined Sacred Practice connecting Sacred Living within your personal lifestyle.

Still your Mind, Nourish your Body, Awaken your Senses, Rejoove your Soul.

Blessed Be.