LuminoGaia: The Light Earth Matrix

LuminoGaia is an invitation to step into empowered evolutionary embodiment of sacred living within a connected world. LuminoGaia is a reflection of the Light Earth Matrix of multi-dimensional connection. By understanding how the human body engages with its environment, and how our environment engages with our body, we can begin to embody our unique lightness of Being. This consciousness awakens and embodies our individual light core matrix within Gaia Connection.

Understanding Gaia as a diverse system of intelligent life force connected through all life who share this planetary system alongside us, allows us to take our rightful place of equality through diversity for eternity. Every living being has a right to be here in a fully sustained, supported and integrated way. There is enough nurturance, nourishment, support, connection and protection to sustain all life on Earth, if we change our cultural story to a kinder, careful, connected and sustainable way of living. It is time to rewrite our stories, lay our traumas to rest and embrace a simpler identity of connected living.

Over the past 35 years, I have been exploring and mapping my experience and understanding of the body and the human condition, questioning what embodiment means, what it means to alive today, to be a Human Being, within the limited resources and mindsets of my social and cultural programming. Through my extensive, international training in massage therapy and transformational bodywork, and after massaging tens of thousands of bodies over the past 35 years, from all walks of life; through my apprenticeship and initiation into a variety of Shamanic Practices from Tribal Cultural traditions; and my discipline in the confines of Western academia, LuminoGaia has been inspired. This is a reflective resonant map of light and colour, translating consciousness through my experience as a human being connected and embodied within my environment and social construct, Present.

My construct has grown out of many ancient and cultural civilisations that have cultivated their worlds and dogmas before me. This is according to a specific set of reference points, through evolution, exploration, conquer and mythology. I live in an age and culture where I am fortunate enough to experience the privilege and freedom of independent choice, enabling me to travel, study and experience many cultural programs internationally. These experiences have shattered all concepts of who I thought I was and what I thought I needed to do, or how to be. It is through the shattering that a luminescence radiated. A delightful tapestry of interconnected, intelligent, elemental light codes, creating my dance experience of life on Earth. Once I experienced and honoured the deep let go of ALL cultural programming and mindsets, the "I" dissolved and my Being became sovereign.

It is through spiritual sovereignty that my personal divine translation is Present through heart intelligence. My heart intelligence has awakened an experience of the interconnectedness of all life within the LuminoGaia matrix, my interconnected, light, earth-body intelligence.

The ancient and original tribal civilisations of the Mayan, Aztec, Australian Aboriginal, Native American Indian, Hindu Indian, Asian Buddhist and Western Pagan Traditions all honoured this light earth-body intelligence through a variety of cultural practices that were steeped in the sacred way of the feminine creative essence, and disciplined through the masculine drive. However over the past 5000 years the masculine discipline has become persecutory and dominant, with the feminine creative essence no longer honoured. (However, this is beginning to change in the world today.) Honouring creativity and all the cycles of life, offered a sustainable and sacred pathway of connection to community, and environment. An honouring and reverent relationship to all life was the key. But as Herstory became History, cleverness, dominance and productivity overtook relationship and we find ourselves on a cultural brink of evolutionary disconnection from the very lifeforce that sustains us. We are being called to remember the sacred way of a humble life, in deep relationship with our heart and the heart of our environment. Understanding technology as a tool and not as a dictator of our experience can allow us to connect with the earth intelligence once more. To be able to feel the pulse of the earth under our feet and connecting to the earth wisdom through our senses can open our connection once more. It is connection with the light earth intelligence that sustains, nurtures and nourishes us. We are of the Earth and one with it.

Many maps were left by these ancient cultures as a reminder of what our connection is. These Sacred Mysteries were coded gifts containing light. At the Proper Time, in the Proper Way these coded mysteries would release their light, and awaken a luminous connection for life on earth. Through an understanding of interconnected time, all cultural programs, through their specific Divine Translations, have predicted this radiant connection to awaken around 2012 AD. 2012 AD awakened and a new cycle of 2600 years was birthed. We have awakened into an epoch known as the Time of the Sixth Sun whereby a new consciousness of Gaia and the Divine Feminine becomes embodied. We evolve into a new state of being alive and well, sustainable and connected, through love and beauty..

LuminoGaia is my contemporary expression and understanding, evolving from ancient myths, a bridge spanning memories and spacetime locations, past, present, and future. I am interested in exploring how this myth relates to my body/being in direct relation to space-time location and embodiment of my experience reflected. I have been awakening and engaging this LuminoGaia Consciousness with hundreds of people over the past 15 years, inspiring Empowered Embodiment through Personal Divine Translation. It is a gentle, potent Pathway of Transformative Personal Truth through the Sacred Beauty Way, sustainable, alive and well. 

My story is filtered through the culture of privilege; a middleclass, Caucasian woman living away from my place of birth, in the mountains of Australia, closely connected to nature and honouring the sacred essence of life on earth, while being plugged into the technological frameworks and business of 21st century life in a first world country. I am feeling there is a quickening of space-time frames and that major shifts are present within our concepts of what it means to be alive today. The Oracles, prophecies, and writings of old, all tell of a shifting framework of identity; shifting our paradigm of reality. Issues of sustainability are present. Reality checks are questioning our ethics & moral fibre. Our cultural frameworks are redefining themselves. Our survival depends on it.  This means our reality is fundamentally shifting and our experience of ourself is being redefined, a new biology being awakened, an evolution defined. I believe the shift of consciousness awakening to be as profound to our awareness of ourselves, as the shift in our understanding that our earth was a sphere and not flat.

LuminoGaia is an invitation to connect into an ancient contemporary light code matrix that governs all of life on our planet, a common denominator from which all experience is encoded. If our physical reality is an illusion of frequency maps all vibrating to allude to a solid world, then surely these frequency maps must have a common pattern from which they are all encoded? 

A pattern of Nature, governing our biology, not determined by another with a particular agenda or dogma, but a uniting biological blueprint through which each individual can experience themselves in freedom, through heart connection, according to their accumulated stories experienced, genetically inherited and honouring awareness of being alive in a body connected, within a dynamic and Sacred Earthdom. Quantum physics is reflecting this connectivity and creating a new language. Our technology a tool reflecting our interconnectedness and creating a framework to expand our understanding with a new language association and expansion. Our Ancient civilisations hinted at this possibility through documented maps of cycles and rhythms utilised millennia ago. The ancient and tribal cultures practiced an earth connection and language of resonance that weave through everything. In our power to debunk, we are at the point of annihilating the very core that sustains us.

I am picking up an energy pocket of information encoded in my genetic memory and activated through the Lore of the Land. This re-membering is a new language that reflects our time. LuminoGaia can activate our biology (the body), through connection to breath, to interface within a 13-D realty of infinite possibility. This is a translation on the basis of Tantra and all the Cultural programs I have personally experienced, and through my explorations and translations of these experiences, I have expanded on. Through intimate relationship I am able to physically interface with a multi-dimensional reality of earth, download information via the Light-Galactic-Earth-Matrix into my body in a whole new experience of personal learning. This Matrix offers a new paradigm of Knowing Truth for each individual at the core of their individual being. It connects us all through a common code from which each persona choses to encode their individual reality. It is a keypad to the Spirit of Light Earth embodied, a personal light core matrix which offers an intimate connection to LuminoGaia. I am documenting my experiential decoding, and offering the resonances, reflected.


For efficient engagement with our environment we can evolve from a system of belief to a system of Knowing. It becomes a very different way of engaging with the world and saves the energy spent with proving the belief. LuminoGaia offers a coded light-key that engages Spirit's Knowing. It is a direct interface. Our gift is intention through honour. Through honour and gratitude, my intention is actioned, my higher self knows how to encode the intention through the Matrix, Spirit and the intention is activated and aligned with my higher purpose through the honour & humility, and is manifested with all the consequences. All ancient cultural practices engaged with their sacred Dreaming and environments this way, without their need to qualify their trusting, and entertain the mind! The lore of survival requires this honouring, intention and surrender. Heart Wisdom is defined through this.

Our mind's and heart's intention affects our electromagnetic fields. Our electromagnetic fluctuation of attraction and repulsion regulates our rhythms and cycles, our pulsing with life. The earth-solar-lunar-galactic gravitational orbits influence this too. As our axis shifts, so do the electromagnetic fields, which in turn affects our biological electromagnetic fields, shifting our vibration and our experience of reality and time location. The changing pulsing within our biosphere, depending on personal stories bared which affect self as a receptor, will affect the electromagnetic field, resulting in a particular tone and experience, opening or closing gateways to a multi-dimensional reality. Electromagnetic attraction and repulsion is resonant sensitive and will attract to itself a mirror impulse in which to recognise itself and experience growth through. Through the surrender of will, and an opening of Heart, an expanded reality interfaces with my personal story resulting in an experiential reflection of Self, present.

All life on earth is born through the Feminine. The Yoni gateway is an innate connection point of all life on earth. For those fortunate enough to be squeezed into breath at birth, our expansion into life is either a connected experience of blissful nourishment and connection, a deep nurturance of Mother; or a disconnected experience of pain, separation and emotional survival. Our Karmic and genetic inheritance plays out strongly on this impulse. Conception holds immediate reflection here. The Sacred dance of the feminine-masculine spark of love light, ignites the genetic memory into the Divine alchemy called life. The more conscious the love making, quite literally, the making of love into life, the more conscious the flow of life that follows. Trigger points of growth in memory become the DNA blueprint of inherited beingness that follows forth. When the masculine essence, the sperm, communes with the feminine essence, the egg, 7 generations of genetic information is encoded and inherited from both bloodlines, weaving their way forth into new life remembered. This communion is an offering for a deep healing within the evolution of Spirit in the form of being human. At birth, the outer world is activated, awakening the upper 3 +1 energetic vortices.

The tonal geometry of the elements (air, water, earth, fire, Spirit) within a particular relationship ignites specific frequencies and tonal arrangements offering an embodiment of light into form. This is defined through the relationship and vibration of the platonic solids defined within sacred geometry, and their elemental resonance within us.

Each gateway or tonal resonance offers a particular remembering and anchoring. If only a small portion of our embodiment is activated or switched on, then experience becomes a limited perspective. Until now we have believed ourselves to be the limited perspective within a 3D reality utilising less then 10% of our brainpower and operating on a 2-strand DNA helix. What would our perspective be if we activated a 12-stranded DNA experience within a 13D reality, opening 100% of our brain capacity, honoured through the Earthdom of Gaia? We certainly would experience ourselves within a new light!

Five Realms of existence govern the 9D of Space & the 13 energetic vortices of our Chakras, which I refer to as the Five World Dreamings of LuminoGaia. These Five World Dreamings are governed by the Elements and the Seasons and are cyclical in nature. These form the Lower, Middle, Upper, Outer and Source Connection World Dreaming, and are governed by the 5 Seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Changeover; and are toned by the 5 Elements of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Spirit. The Lower world governs the 3D physical reality and the first 3 Chakras, tonally connected to the infrared-to-yellow spectrum of Vibrational frequencies and toning the lower body of below the feet to the solar plexus. The Middle World governs the interfacing of the Lower and Upper Worlds through 4D & 5D realities governing the 4th-6th chakra and the green to violet vibrational frequencies, toning the emotional and mental bodies from solar plexus to the crown of the head. The Upper World governs the interface between the physical body and the heavenly influence, through the 6D & 7D reality, governing the 7th-9th charkas and the violet to copper vibrational frequencies, toning the auric and etheric bodies of inspiration and embodiment. The Outer World is the galactic frequencies of the 8D & 9D realms governing our solar-lunar-stellar-galactic influences toning our 10th-12th Chakra and the spectral range of black-gold frequencies. The Fifth World is the connecting, inter-gravitational frequencies of Source Essence, the merging of all the colours of the rainbow to create a white-gold opalescent light awakening the centre place of all that is source above, source below, source within. Through the past cultural translations, the Upper and Outer worlds were merged into one world to support the structural balance of the Divine Trinity of Lower world, Middle world and Upper World. These traditional 3 worlds exist within the 5 Worlds, however, LuminoGaia is a place of expanded connection and includes the Upper Realm as part of our connected Presence. This expands our Beingness from 7 to 13 chakras, activating all 12 DNA strands and honours the ascension plane of experience, inviting connection to a more expanded reality of who we are and how we influence and are influenced by our environment.

Understanding the physical plane as a fabric of loving "gauze" through which light flows and weaves the fabric of life, provides a reference point to understanding our nature. This love fabric holds an electromagnetic frequency of positive and negative charge. A healthy fabric is neutrally charged, with an even flow of positive and negative ions flowing through it, reflecting a full rainbow spectrum of light that colours a radiant presence. Whenever there is an excess amount of either charge, there will be stress on the fabric, which will cause a contraction and a condensing of light. The fabric will begin to crease and fold, creating a dense wadding of darker light, which will trap energy and in turn draw more energy to that point. Through stress relief techniques, this fabric is invited to release and expand, to loosen its weave, and allow light and energy to flow through once more. Shadows are flushed, Light returns. All the Business of life lived, effects the charge of the fabric and the condition of its individual light weave. We are here to explore the very personal fabric of our life, to gently release the creases that get in the way of our flow, and to shine more brightly.

Welcome to the Rainbow Dreaming of LuminoGaia Consciousness.

The LuminoGaia 18 Month Shamanic Journey with Luna Wood activates and aligns your Light Earth Matrix into an Empowered Evolutionary Embodiment of Sacred Living within a Connected World. The next Sacred Journey begins in 2021.

Painting by Luna Wood (2013)