Explore and understand the Cycles of the Womb, the Cycles of the moon and the Archetypal Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine as evolve throughout our lives from Conception through to Spirit. What does it mean to be alive and well in the world of 2019? How do we awaken a new understanding of natural cycles and rhythms to connect into a deeper flow of connected living.

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Explore and understand the cycles of the moon and how to live in connected time. Create your daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual cycles to support your health and wellbeing in your true flow. Organising and managing your time according to your authentic nature allows you to create an efficient and effective manifestation of your life. Understand the Elemental and Seasonal Flow, Astrology of the Moon and Ritual Practice to celebrate your embodiment and an empowered ebb and flow within your life.
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Luna offers a 18 month Sacred Journey into true connection to self. The LuminoGaia Journey is an exploration through cross-cultural Shamanism inspiring Sacred Living within a Connected world. Inspired and designed for the 21st Century from ancient Cultural Practices initiated from our First Nation Peoples, this is a new map of Connection to Gaia. An invitation to step into the New Consciousness by understanding how your heart engages with your environment and how your environment engages with your heart. 
The next LuminoGaia Sacred Journey is beginning March 2021. The format has deepened and will be an 18 month Sacredv Journey with a 2 day Activation Retreat every 6 weeks at Wollumbin. We will Journey through the 13 chakras over the 18 months with an overnight stay on Sacred Ground for each chakra activation, connecting more fully into the Dreaming and Awareness of each layer of Consciousness. There is a Bodywork Session between each Activation Retreat, plus a 4 day
Quest Retreat every 9 months.
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A group of women will be gathering to honour and support the regeneration of the Sacred Waters through the Divine Feminine held by the wisdom of the Grandmother. This Heart Prayer is the beginning of a Practice to support the health and flow of our Water systems. We gather regularly to Open, honour and heal the Feminine in order to surrender into the Wisdom of this Grandmother Dreaming to remember the power, creativity, regeneration and beauty of this Sacred Element that flows through us and brings life to our Earth. There is much healing of our Feminine heart as we remember who we are in connection with this land. We will be gathering every 6 months to honour our Waters.
This Quest is to pay respect to Country, Her Ancestors, Her Traditional Owners and her Elders, offering Sacred Business to this Ancient Wisdom. This is a 7 day residential retreat remembering connection through the sacred heart.  We bring our heart prayer to this land, asking forgiveness for our species, our forgetful ways and damage done to this Sacred Land and Her People. The Vision is to inspire health for the Water Dreaming and the River systems that run from this source point for Eastern Australia. Contact me for more information.



We are excited to bring you a Mother Daughter Retreat that is fun and engaging for teenage girls and at the same time supportive, nurturing and relaxing for mothers. ​We understand that girls need peer-connection, excitement and challenge and we have designed this retreat to provide all this as well as a process of evolution from girl to woman.This transformational process creates a positive shift in the relationship dynamic between you and your daughter, and throughout the retreat you are supported through this transition.You will leave the retreat renewed and energized, and your daughter will leave with a new sense of who she is as a confident, beautiful young woman.


Luna Wood is available for public speaking events inspiring Leadership and Sustainability within the New Paradigm of Evolutionary Empowerment. Luna has spoken to audiences inspiring what it means to be an empowered, embodied, connected. For all bookings please  Contact me for more information.


               May we Walk the Path of Sacred Beauty, in Love always.